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We are a collective of passionate creators and riders who possess deep knowledge of the industry. With our extensive experience, we navigate through the intricate layers and nuances of the cycling world, allowing only the most meaningful products and gears to shine. We strive to share this expertise with you through our website and platforms, enabling you to unleash the best cyclist within you.

james mackie podium finish
James Mackie racing his enduro mountain bike

Our Mission

Every industry or sport that garners dedicated followers and enthusiasts becomes shrouded in a fog. This fog consists of marketing gimmicks, quick-fix tips, and promises of the essential equipment needed to become “the best.” However, the true essence of cycling lies beneath this fog, at its core. It is here that you cannot fake your strengths or weaknesses, and any advantages gained are genuine. Whether you are a committed racer training rigorously or a weekend warrior seeking brief escapes, whether your passion lies on asphalt or black diamond downhill trails, it is at the core where you will discover the path that aligns with your identity as a cyclist.

Pro Mountain Bike is committed to always speaking from the heart of cycling.


Leading the charge at Pro Mountain Bike is James Mackie. Two-wheeled, human-powered transportation is more than just a hobby or exercise for him—it has been a way of life since before he reached double digits in age.

James honed his riding skills by conquering challenging terrains all across the globe. He entered his first race at the age of 11 and regularly trained alongside national team riders and professionals. Today, he continues to conquer the trails of Southern California and participates in Enduro races on a regular basis.

james and his ibis ripmo


Throughout James’ decades of riding, he has witnessed the industry’s ever-changing landscape. It has evolved, shifted, and even reverted at times. There have been groundbreaking technological advancements from both major players and smaller companies. However, the true test lies in the actual ride. With James’ invaluable insights, you can navigate through the overwhelming array of mountain bike products and make choices that will elevate your riding experience while aligning with your skill level and budget.


We offer an unbiased and objective view into the industry, revealing what gear truly works and what doesn’t. With our constant vigilance over industry trends and innovations, you can rely on Pro Mountain Bike to provide the latest, transparent information on new product releases and developments.


Welcome to Pro Mountain Bike, your ultimate destination for all things mountain biking. As an affiliate marketing site, we curate a wide range of mountain biking products and gear to enhance your riding experience.

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