About Us​

Welcome to Pro Mountain Bike your one stop shop for all things mountain biking. We are a group of enthusiasts and riders deeply involved in the mountain biking world. We love the sport and want to share that with you. Using our experience and industry knowledge we bring you top quality product reviews and gear recommendations that capture the fun of mountain biking. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just hitting the trails for the first time come along with us as we ride into the world of mountain biking. Join us at Pro Mountain Bike where the love of riding meets quality.

james mackie podium finish
James Mackie racing his enduro mountain bike

Our Mission

Every sport or industry that has dedicated fans and enthusiasts gets fogged up. That fog is made up of marketing tricks, quick fixes and promises of the magic gear you need to be “the best”. But the real cycling is beneath the fog, at the core. That’s where you can’t fake your strengths or weaknesses and any advantages you get are real. Whether you’re a dedicated racer training hard or a weekend warrior looking for a quick escape, whether your passion is on asphalt or black diamond downhill trails, that’s where you’ll find the path that matches your cycling self.


Pro Mountain Bike is committed to always speaking from the heart of cycling.


James Mackie is the man in charge at Pro Mountain Bike. For him two-wheeled, human-powered transport is more than a hobby or exercise, it’s been a way of life since before he was double digits old.


James learned to ride by tackling tough terrain all over the world. He entered his first race at 11 and trained with national team riders and pros. Now he rides the trails of Southern California and does Enduro every week.

james and his ibis ripmo


Over James’ years of riding he’s seen the industry change, evolve, shift and even go backwards at times. There have been massive innovations from the big players and smaller ones too. But the real test is on the ride. With James’ expertise you can cut through the mountain bike jungle and make choices that will improve your riding experience and match your skill level and budget.


We give you an honest and unbiased view of the industry, what works and what doesn’t. With our eyes on the trends and innovations we’ll give you the latest, transparent information on new product releases and developments.

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