About Us

We are a team of creators and riders with knowledge of the ins and outs of the industry. We have the experience to navigate its many layers and nuances, allowing the meaningful products and gears to rise to the surface. The cream of the crop. 

This is expertise we wish to pass on to you through our site and platforms. Awareness that will bring out the best cyclist IN YOU.


Take any industry or sport with passionate followers/enthusiasts/participants and there develops a fog over its core. A low-lying mist of marketing spiel, quick-fix tips, shortcut advice and all the gear/equipment you need to be “the best”. 

But in truth, the best way to approach cycling is below the fog among the reality of the sport’s core. This is where you can’t fake your strengths or weaknesses and where any advantage you find or earn is real. Whether you’re a devoted racer training daily, or a weekend warrior going for short escapes. Whether you find your thrills on asphalt or on black diamond downhill trails. At its core is where you will find the path that is right for you as a cyclist.

Pro Mountain Bike endeavours to always speak from the core of cycling.


At the tip of Pro Mountain Bike’s spear is James Mackie. Two wheeled, man-powered transport is more than a hobby or exercise to him, it’s been a way of life since before his age was double digits. 

James refined his riding skills by traversing difficult terrain all over the world, entering his first race at 11 years of age and regularly training alongside national team riders and professionals. Today, he hits the terrain of Southern California and enters Enduro races regularly. 


Throughout his decades of riding, James has seen the industry shift, evolve, change, and even revert. There have been game changing tech from big players and small companies alike, but the proof is in the ride. With James’ insight, you can sift through the endless selection of mountain bike products and come away with choices that will elevate your riding while suiting your skill level and budget.

We provide a non-biased and objective window into the industry, revealing what gear works and doesn’t work. With a constant eye on the industry, monitoring its trends and innovations, you can follow Pro Mountain Bike for the latest inside, honest information on new product releases and developments.