Best Mountain Biking Trail App for Every Rider

Gone are the days of relying solely on paper maps and intuition to navigate mountain biking trails. Today, a diverse range of apps cater to mountain bikers, providing detailed trail maps, performance tracking tools, and safety features. Whether you're an occasional rider or a seasoned professional, there's an app tailored to elevate your mountain biking adventures.
James using his trailforks app to navigate the trail

Mountain biking can be an exhilarating and rewarding sport, but finding the perfect trail, tracking your progress, understanding pre-ride trail conditions, and staying safe on unfamiliar terrain can be challenging. Luckily, a variety of top-rated mountain biking apps ensure every rider’s needs are catered to, transforming your smartphone into a powerful biking companion.


Speaking from personal experience, I can’t stress enough how crucial these apps can be. I remember one winter in Colorado when I got hopelessly lost while mountain biking. The sun was setting, the temperature was dropping, and I had no idea which direction to go. In this desperate situation, it was a smartphone app that turned out to be my saviour. It guided me back to my starting point just in time and probably saved me from a freezing night in the wilderness. Trust me, having the right app on your phone can be a lifesaver!


So, without further adieu, let’s dive in and find out which is the best mountain biking trail app for you. An app that will help you navigate mountain biking trails with ease, while perhaps sprinkling in good measures of discovery, performance tracking, GPS tracking, skill improvement, and more.

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Overview of The Best Mountain Biking Trail App


Gone are the days when mountain bikers relied solely on paper maps and intuition to navigate mountain biking trails. Today, a multitude of apps for mountain biking offer everything from detailed trail maps to performance tracking and safety features. Whether you’re a casual rider or a seasoned pro, there’s an app to enhance your mountain biking experience.


This guide covers a wide range of apps catering to diverse needs such as:

    • Trail discovery – A good app will take a lot of the stress out of discovering new trails; helping you know where to go; plan time, distances and performance; and perhaps most important of all, how to get back without getting lost!

    • Performance tracking – Apps for mountain biking can help you keep track of your fitness and performance as well, giving you a clear overview of your progress and the path to your goals.

    • Route planning – It’s always good to have at least a simple plan, and many apps simplify that process immensely.

    • On-trail repairs – Receive key guidance on how to get your bike ride-worthy again when something fails.

    • Safety measures – Many apps have built-in safety features to help you handle emergencies.

    • Skill improvement – Develop skill sets you are lacking and get even stronger in areas you already have experience.

    • Health and fitness data – Stay up to date with your current health metrics and fitness journey.

    • Legal trail discovery – Make sure that your exploration stays outside private or government land.

    • Outdoor enthusiasts – Many apps are great for a broad range of outdoor activities, not just Mountain Biking.

    • User-created routes – Gain access to routes ridden and created by real people.

Ready to find the perfect app for your next ride?


Trailforks Pro: Best for Comprehensive Trail Information



Price: $4.49/month or $53.99/year | With Outside+ $7.49/month or $89.99/year


Download: iPhone // Android 





    • Access to additional trail information
    • Route creation and saving
    • Enhanced navigation capabilities



    • Comprehensive trail information
    • User-generated content for accurate trail details
    • Offline trail maps available
    • Now integrates with Garmin Watches



    • Some features require a paid subscription

For those seeking comprehensive trail information, Trailforks Pro is a top choice. This app boosts your mountain biking experience with features like:


  • Detailed trail maps
  • Route creation
  • Improved navigation
  • Topographic layer
  • Points of interest
  • Trail popularity
  • Heatmaps
  • Routes
  • Trail conditions
  • Strava segments
  • Compass
  • GPS tracking

These features offer a well-rounded platform for planning and executing your rides. Additionally, by tracking your rides on local trails, you can contribute valuable trail usage data back to the biking community using Trailforks.




Despite its extensive features, Trailforks Pro comes at a cost. Most features require a paid subscription and benefits, such as:


    • access to offline trail maps
    • detailed trail information
    • trail reports and conditions
    • route planning tools
    • advanced filtering options

are worth the investment for serious riders. Overall, Trailforks Pro provides a great platform for accessing comprehensive trail information and enhancing your mountain biking adventures.


Strava: Best for Performance Tracking

strava app


Price: Free version available | Subscription at $11.99/month or $79.99/year


Download: iPhone // Android 




    • Performance tracking
    • Route creation and recording
    • Competition with other riders



    • Extensive performance tracking features
    • Social aspects, such as competing with friends and other users
    • Access to Strava heatmap for trail discovery



    • Some features require a premium subscription

Renowned among mountain biking enthusiasts, Strava offers a range of features to keep you motivated and goal-focused:


    • Performance tracking
    • Route recording
    • Auto-timed ride segments
    • Ability to compare your previous times and rankings
    • Simple route creation
    • Insights into where others have been

These features make Strava a popular choice for mountain bikers looking to track their progress and compete with others.




The Strava app offers several features for mountain bikers:


    • The Strava heatmap allows users to explore and discover new trails, as well as access trail reports from other riders.
    • Strava segments enable riders to challenge themselves and compete against each other by measuring their speed.
    • Strava helps prevent getting lost during rides.
    • While some features require a premium subscription, Strava’s free version offers a solid foundation for tracking performance and discovering new mountain biking trails.

Ride with GPS: Best for Route Planning

Ride with GPS: Best for Route Planning


Price: Free version available | Basic: $7.99/month or $59.99/year | Premium: $9.99/month or $79.99/year


Download: iPhone // Android 




    • Route planning and navigation
    • Turn-by-turn directions
    • Route suggestions



    • Excellent route planning capabilities
    • Offline maps available with a paid subscription
    • User-friendly interface



    • Best features only available in the paid version



When it comes to route planning and navigation, Ride with GPS is an exceptional choice. Its user-friendly interface simplifies route discovery and customization, while features like turn-by-turn directions, route suggestions, and location sharing help you stay on course. The app is especially helpful in areas with limited cell service.


When using GPS tools for mountain biking, preparedness is key. Always carry a spare battery pack for your phone as GPS usage can deplete your battery quickly. Additionally, consider waterproofing your device in case of unexpected weather conditions during your long ride.


While some of Ride with GPS’s best features, like interactive trail maps, are only available in the paid version, the app’s core functionality makes it a valuable tool for planning and navigating mountain biking trails.


Bicycle Maintenance Guide: Best for On-Trail Repairs

Bicycle Maintenance Guide: Best for On-Trail Repairs

Price: $3.99

Download: iPhone // Android 





    • Comprehensive guide for bike maintenance and repairs
    • Suitable for beginners and experienced cyclists
    • Clear illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions



    • Over 100 sections with photos and videos
    • ‘Get out of jail’ roadside tricks
    • Fault diagnostics and detailed repairs Cons:
    • No video tutorials included
    • Does not cover all types of bicycles



For trailside repairs and bike maintenance, the Bicycle Maintenance Guide is invaluable, helping your bike perform smoothly on mountain biking trails. This comprehensive guide covers everything from basic maintenance tasks like cleaning and lubricating your bike to more advanced repairs like replacing a chain or adjusting gears.


With over 100 sections, including photos and videos, ‘get out of jail’ roadside tricks, fault diagnostics, and detailed repairs, the Bicycle Maintenance Guide offers invaluable advice for both beginners and experienced cyclists. However, the guide does not include video tutorials and may not cover all types of bicycles.


Paragraph 5: Overall, this guide is an essential tool for anyone looking to keep their bike in top condition on the trails.


St John Ambulance First Aid For Cyclists: Best for Safety Measures

St John Ambulance

Price: Free



Download: Android 




    • First aid guide
    • Emergency contact information
    • Safety tips and reminders



    • Useful first aid information and advice
    • Easy access to emergency services
    • Helpful safety tips and reminders



    • Limited to first aid for cyclists

The St John Ambulance First Aid For Cyclists app offers the following features:


    • Quick and effective treatment in case of accidents
    • Navigation assistance to help cyclists stay on trails and reduce the risk of getting lost
    • Useful first aid information and advice
    • Easy access to emergency services
    • Safety tips and reminders to ensure cyclists stay safe on local trails



With a range of features that can help you stay safe and informed, such as a first aid guide, emergency contact information, safety tips, and reminders, the St John Ambulance First Aid For Cyclists app is an invaluable tool for treating accidents and ensuring safety on the trail systems. Plus, you can easily access emergency services even in areas with limited cell service.


Don’t hit the trails without this essential safety app!


MTB Hangtime: Best for Skill Improvement


Download: Apple // Android 

Price: Free 




    • Track airtime and cornering metrics
    • Compatible with smartphones



    • Helps improve jumping and cornering skills
    • Uses phone’s accelerometer for data
    • Free to use



    • Limited to airtime and cornering metrics



MTB Hangtime, with its innovative features like jump analysis and cornering techniques, assists riders in honing their skills. By using your phone’s accelerometer, MTB Hangtime provides valuable data about your airtime and cornering, helping you fine-tune your skills on the mountain biking trails. The app is an excellent tool for riders looking to reach new heights and gain insights into their total jump time and other metrics.


While MTB Hangtime is limited to airtime and cornering metrics, its focus on these specific skills makes it a valuable resource for riders looking to improve their performance in these areas. As a free app, MTB Hangtime is an accessible and useful tool for any mountain biker looking to enhance their skills on the trails.


Garmin Connect: Best for Health & Fitness Data

garmin smart phone app


Price: Free

Download: iPhone // Android 





    • Health and fitness tracking
    • Personalized insights and recommendations
    • Goal setting and progress tracking



    • Comprehensive health and fitness data for Garmin device users
    • Set goals and track progress
    • Compete with friends and other users in challenges and virtual races



    • Some users find the user interface amateurish
    • Limited customization options

For riders using Garmin devices, Garmin Connect is a robust app that tracks and analyzes health and fitness data. With features like:


    • Workout tracking
    • Sleep monitoring
    • Heart rate monitoring
    • Goal setting



Garmin Connect helps you reach your fitness goals using apps for mountain biking. The app also offers personalized insights and recommendations, as well as the ability to compete with friends and other users in challenges and virtual races.


However, some users find the Garmin Connect app’s design to be amateurish and prefer a more sophisticated and visually appealing interface. Additionally, the app has limited customization options, which may be a drawback for some users.


Despite these minor drawbacks, Garmin Connect remains an excellent choice for health and fitness tracking for mountain bikers using Garmin devices.


MTB Project: Best for Legal Trail Discovery

Download: iPhone // Android 


Price: Free




    • User-generated trail information
    • GPS tracking and performance measurement
    • Legal trail discovery



    • Accurate trail information from user-generated content
    • Focus on legal and sanctioned local trails
    • Free to download and use



    • Limited to mountain biking trails
    • May not have as extensive trail database as other apps



Focusing on legal trail discovery, MTB Project stands out with its user-generated content that provides reliable trail information. By offering GPS tracking, elevation gain and loss measurement, and trail reviews, MTB Project helps riders find the best trails, plan routes, and track their performance. The app’s user-generated approach ensures accurate and up-to-date information about individual trails, making it an invaluable resource for discovering new mountain biking trails.


While MTB Project is limited to mountain biking trails and may not have as extensive a trail database as other apps, its focus on legal trail discovery and user-generated content makes it a valuable tool for riders looking to explore various trail systems. As a free app, MTB Project is a fantastic resource for trail discovery and planning your next mountain biking adventure.


AllTrails: Best for Outdoor Enthusiasts


Price: Free version available | AllTrails+: $21/year

Download: iPhone // Android 





    • Over 200,000 hiking and mountain bike routes
    • Record GPS activity while riding Reading trail reviews is a helpful way to evaluate trails before embarking on an adventure. Photos, mileage, and elevation gain/loss can also provide valuable information.



    • Extensive database of routes for various outdoor activities
    • Offline maps available with AllTrails+ subscription
    • User-friendly interface


    • Some features require an AllTrails+ subscription



Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, AllTrails offers trail discovery for a range of activities including hiking, walking, and biking around the world. With over 200,000 routes available, AllTrails makes it easy for finding trails and uncovering amazing areas for your next outdoor adventure. The app also includes helpful trail reviews, photos, mileage, elevation gain/loss, and more features that cater to mountain biking enthusiasts.


Although some features, like offline maps, require an AllTrails+ subscription, the free version of AllTrails provides a solid foundation for discovering new trails and planning your outdoor excursions. Whether you’re a mountain biker, hiker, or simply love exploring the great outdoors, AllTrails is a must-have app for your next adventure.


Komoot: Best for User-Created Routes


Price: Signup for free + free first Single Region | Single Region for $3.99 | Region Bundles for $8.99 | The World for $29.99

Download: iPhone // Android 





    • User-created routes and turn-by-turn directions
    • Customizable route planning with Google Maps integration
    • Offline maps available



    • Personalized mountain biking experience
    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Extensive database of user-created routes



    • Some features require in-app purchases

Specializing in user-created routes and turn-by-turn directions, Komoot offers a personalized mountain biking experience and is gaining popularity. The app’s features include:


    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Extensive database of routes
    • Ability to explore new areas and find the best routes for your preferred type of riding
    • Offline maps
    • Turn-by-turn navigation
    • Ability to sync routes with compatible GPS devices

By providing user-created routes and turn-by-turn directions, Komoot allows you to create a truly personalized mountain biking experience, helping you navigate mountain biking trails with ease. Some features of Komoot include:


    • User-created routes
    • Turn-by-turn directions
    • Discovering new trails
    • Planning mountain biking adventures

While some features require in-app purchases, Komoot’s core functionality makes it a valuable tool for mountain bikers.



Choosing the Right Mountain Biking App


The selection of the ideal mountain biking app is subjective, influenced by your preferences, objectives, and riding style. With a plethora of apps focusing on aspects like:


    • Trail discovery
    • Performance tracking
    • Route planning
    • Safety measures

Enhancing your mountain biking experience has never been easier, especially with the variety of mountain bike trails available.


Whether you’re a casual rider or a seasoned pro, the apps featured in this guide offer a variety of features and benefits to cater to your needs. By considering your personal preferences and goals, you can choose the right app to elevate your mountain biking adventures and make the most of your time on the trails.



Summary: Best Mountain Biking Trail App


In conclusion, the best mountain biking app for you will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and riding style. From trail discovery to performance tracking, skill improvement, and safety measures, there’s an app to cater to every rider’s needs. Explore the options featured in this guide and find the perfect app to transform your smartphone into a powerful biking companion, enhancing your mountain biking experience and helping you conquer the trails.



Frequently Asked Questions


Is Trailforks or AllTrails better?


Trailforks may be a little less polished than AllTrails, but it has a much better database of mountain bike trails, making it the superior choice.



Is Trailforks or MTB project better?


Both MTB Project and Trailforks are great tools for planning and executing your ride; however, MTB Project is better suited for route planning while Trailforks is a better option for use during your ride. So make sure to get both for the best experience!



What app is best for mountain biking trail discovery?


For the best mountain biking trail discovery, Trailforks Pro and MTB Project are top choices, offering extensive trail maps and user-generated content for accuracy.



Which app is best for performance tracking and competition?


Strava is the top choice for performance tracking and competition, with its auto-timed ride segments and ability to compare your progress with other riders making it the go-to app for athletes.



What app should I use for route planning and navigation?


Take advantage of Ride with GPS for your route planning and navigation needs – get turn-by-turn directions and route suggestions for an enjoyable cycling experience! Apple


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