Best SRAM Eagle AXS Groupsets in 2024

Conquer tough trails with smoother, more precise gear changes thanks to SRAM Eagle AXS, a revolutionary electronic shifting system for mountain bikes. SRAM offers a variety of Eagle AXS groupsets to suit different needs and budgets, from the top-of-the-line XX1 boasting peak efficiency to the budget-friendly GX Upgrade Kit that lets you experience Eagle AXS without replacing your entire drivetrain.

Upgrade Your Mountain Bike with Seamless Electronic Shifting

Conquering tough trails demands a mountain bike that performs flawlessly. Traditional mechanical drivetrains can struggle under pressure, leading to missed shifts and wasted energy. Enter SRAM Eagle AXS – a revolutionary electronic shifting system designed to elevate your off-road experience.

Of those among our team who have put a SRAM Eagle AXS groupset/drivetrain through their paces, whether than be in a test or for personal use, there is not a single mountain biker who would go back SRAM have made a system that lives up to the hype and can take about as much punishment as a non-electronic setup, and we would recommend it to anyone, whether you’re riding enduro, trail or cross country. Find out why below.


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What is SRAM Eagle AXS?

SRAM Eagle AXS is a game-changer for mountain bikers, bringing the SRAM’s wireless AXS tech of into the MTB realm, and adding to the AXS lineup for road and gravel bikes. It replaces traditional mechanical cables with a wireless electronic system, offering several key advantages:

  • Effortless shifting: Electronic control ensures smoother, more consistent gear changes even under pressure.

  • Improved chain life: Precise shifting reduces wear and tear on your drivetrain components.

  • Clean cockpit: No messy cables for a sleek, streamlined aesthetic.

Core Technology:

  • Wireless Electronic Shifting: This is the heart of Eagle AXS. Unlike traditional mechanical drivetrains that rely on cables, SRAM Eagle AXS uses electronic signals to control the rear AXS derailleur. Buttons on the shifters (dubbed the AXS controllers) send these signals wirelessly to a receiver on the derailleur, which then actuates a small motor to precisely move the chain between gears.

  • Integration with Eagle Drivetrain: Eagle AXS seamlessly works with existing SRAM Eagle components like cassettes and cranksets. This allows you to upgrade your current Eagle setup to electronic shifting without needing a complete overhaul of your drivetrain.

  • AXS App Compatibility: The system connects with the SRAM AXS app on your smartphone. This app provides several functionalities:

    • Shift Customization: You can program AXS controllers with the desired number of shifts per button press (single shift vs. double shift) to match your preference when multi shifting.

    • Component Monitoring: Keep an eye on battery levels and receive diagnostic information for troubleshooting.

    • Firmware Updates: Ensure your Eagle AXS system stays up-to-date with the latest software.

  • AXS overload clutch: This is a protective mechanism incorporated into SRAM Eagle AXS rear derailleurs. It specifically safeguards the electronic shifting motor within the derailleur from damage caused by impacts, assisting in unencumbered shift performance.

    Here’s how it works:

    • Impact Detection: In the event of a sudden impact, such as hitting a rock or dropping your bike, the overload clutch detects the excessive force placed on the derailleur.

    • Motor Disengagement: Upon impact detection, the clutch mechanism temporarily disengages the motor from the gear selection mechanism. This allows the AXS derailleur to move freely, absorbing the impact force and protecting the delicate electronic components inside the motor.

    • Automatic Re-engagement: Once the impact subsides, the overload clutch automatically re-engages the motor. The derailleur returns to its intended position, and you can resume shifting gears without any intervention.


The Shifting Process:

  1. Shift Button Press: You press the designated button on the shifter (up or down) to initiate a gear change.

  2. Wireless Signal Transmission: The shifter sends a wireless electronic signal to the AXS derailleur.

  3. Motor Activation: The receiver on the derailleur receives the signal and activates a small electric motor.

  4. Derailleur Movement: The motor precisely moves the AXS derailleur to position the chain on the desired cog on the cassette.

Benefits of Electronic Shifting:

  • Smoother and Faster Shift Performance: Electronic control eliminates cable friction and lag, resulting in crisper, more responsive gear changes. This is especially beneficial on rough terrain or when under pressure.
  • Improved Chain Management: Precise shifts reduce chain wear and tear, leading to a longer lifespan for your drivetrain components.
  • Clean Cockpit Aesthetics: No messy cables running along your handlebars and frame for a clean, streamlined look and a true wireless setup.
  • Customization: The AXS app allows you to tailor shift behavior to your preferences, enhancing your riding experience.

Overall, SRAM Eagle AXS offers a significant advancement in mountain bike drivetrain technology, providing smoother, more reliable gear changes for enhanced performance and control on the trails.

What Are the Best SRAM Eagle AXS Groupsets?

SRAM offers a variety of Eagle AXS groupsets to suit different riding styles and budgets. Here’s a breakdown of the top contenders:

1. XX1 Eagle AXS

XX1 Eagle AXS

Overview: The pinnacle of SRAM Eagle AXS performance, XX1 boasts the lightest weight materials and the best components of any Eagle AXS drivetrain. It’s ideal for serious mountain bikers seeking peak efficiency and precision.

Key Benefits:

  • Ultra-lightweight construction: Shave precious grams for maximum climbing advantage.

  • Superior shifting performance: Crisp, lightning-fast gear changes on demand.

  • Durable for demanding terrain: Built to withstand the rigors of aggressive riding.

Pricing: XX1 Eagle AXS falls on the higher end of the price spectrum due to its premium materials.

Pros & Cons:

  • Pros: Unmatched weight, exceptional shifting, top-of-the-line performance.

  • Cons: Highest price point in the Eagle AXS lineup.

2. X01 Eagle AXS

X01 Eagle AXS

Overview: X01 Eagle AXS strikes a fantastic balance between weight, performance, and affordability. It delivers excellent wireless electronic shifting for a wide range of mountain bike disciplines.

Key Benefits:

  • Excellent value: Offers high-end performance at a more accessible price point.

  • Durable construction: Built to handle tough trails without sacrificing weight.

  • Customizable shifting: AXS app allows you to personalize gear changes to your preference.

Pricing: X01 Eagle AXS sits in a comfortable middle ground within the Eagle AXS range.

Pros & Cons:

  • Pros: Outstanding value, great performance, durable build, customizable.

  • Cons: Slightly heavier than XX1 Eagle AXS.

3. GX Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit

GX Eagle AXS
Overview: This kit allows you to transform your existing Eagle drivetrain into an wireless electronic system. It’s a cost-effective way to experience the benefits of SRAM Eagle AXS without replacing everything.

Key Benefits:

  • Budget-friendly entry into Eagle AXS: Upgrade your current Eagle setup for a fraction of the cost of a full groupset.
  • Retains existing Eagle components: No need to replace your cassette, crankset, or chain.
  • Wireless electronic shifting: Enjoy the smooth, precise gear changes of Eagle AXS.

Pricing: The GX Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit presents a budget-conscious option compared to full groupsets.

Pros & Cons:

  • Pros: Affordable way to experience SRAM Eagle AXS, retains existing drivetrain parts.
  • Cons: Requires a compatible Eagle drivetrain for installation.

How Can SRAM Eagle AXS Benefit You, The Mountain Biker?

Eagle AXS isn’t just about technological innovation; it’s about enhancing your ride experience. Here’s how:

  • Maintain focus and momentum: An Eagle AXS drivetrain provides effortless shifting that allows you to concentrate on the trail, not your drivetrain.

  • Tackle technical climbs with confidence: Precise gear changes ensure you have the right power for any situation.

  • Personalize your ride: The AXS app lets you tailor shift behavior to your preferences.

Buyers Guide: Research With This In Mind

To identify the best SRAM Eagle AXS groupsets, a mountain biker should consider several factors:

  • Performance: Shift speed, accuracy, and overall drivetrain efficiency.

  • Weight: How much weight each groupset adds to your bike.

  • Durability: The ability to withstand the demands of mountain biking.

  • Price: Value proposition and affordability for different budgets.

  • Customization: Ability to personalize wireless shift behavior through the AXS app.

Summary: Best SRAM Eagle AXS Groupsets

SRAM Eagle AXS represents the cutting edge of mountain bike drivetrain technology. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or an adventurous trail explorer, there’s an Eagle AXS groupset to elevate your performance and enjoyment on the trails. Consider your riding style, budget, and desired level of performance when making your choice. With Eagle AXS, your shifting – and by extension, riding – will feel as if it has taken a leap into the future, which is not an exaggeration. SRAM is leading the way into the most seamless and hassle-free drivetrain options in MTB history, and its a boat you won’t regret boarding.

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General Questions:

  • What is SRAM Eagle AXS?

SRAM Eagle AXS is a wireless electronic shifting system designed specifically for mountain bikes. It replaces traditional mechanical cables with electronic signals for smoother, more precise gear changes.

  • What are the benefits of SRAM Eagle AXS?

    • Smoother and faster gear changes

    • Improved chain management and lifespan

    • Clean cockpit aesthetics with no cables

    • Customizable shift behavior through the AXS app

  • Is SRAM Eagle AXS compatible with my existing mountain bike?

SRAM Eagle AXS requires an XD™ driver body for cassette installation, which is common on most modern mountain bikes. You can also upgrade your current Eagle drivetrain to electronic shifting with an Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit (compatibility check recommended).

Component and Technology Questions:

  • How does SRAM Eagle AXS shifting work?

When you press a shift button, an electronic signal is sent wirelessly to the derailleur. A small motor within the derailleur then positions the chain on the desired cog.

  • What is the SRAM AXS overload clutch?

The overload clutch is a protective mechanism in the derailleur that safeguards the electronic shift motor from damage during impacts. It disengages the motor temporarily during a strong hit and automatically re-engages once the impact subsides.

  • Does SRAM Eagle AXS require special tools for maintenance?

No, SRAM Eagle AXS uses standard tools for maintenance tasks like chain replacement. However, some repairs on the electronic components might require a visit to a qualified bike mechanic.

Groupset and Pricing Questions:

  • What are the different SRAM Eagle AXS groupsets?

SRAM offers different tiers within Eagle AXS catering to various budgets and riding styles. Here are the main options:

  • XX1 Eagle AXS: Top-of-the-line with the lightest weight materials for serious racers.

  • X01 Eagle AXS: Excellent balance of performance and affordability for a wide range of riders.

  • GX Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit: Cost-effective way to add electronic shifting to your existing Eagle drivetrain.

  • How much does SRAM Eagle AXS cost?

The price varies depending on the chosen groupset. Generally, XX1 Eagle AXS is the most expensive, followed by X01 Eagle AXS, and the upgrade kit being the most affordable option within Eagle AXS.

  • Which Eagle AXS groupset is right for me?

Consider your riding style, budget, and desired level of performance. If weight is a top priority, XX1 Eagle AXS might be ideal. X01 Eagle AXS offers a great balance for various disciplines, while the upgrade kit is a budget-friendly way to experience Eagle AXS.


Best SRAM Eagle AXS Groupsets in 2024

Conquer tough trails with smoother, more precise gear changes thanks to SRAM Eagle AXS, a revolutionary electronic shifting system for mountain bikes. SRAM offers a variety of Eagle AXS groupsets to suit different needs and budgets, from the top-of-the-line XX1 boasting peak efficiency to the budget-friendly GX Upgrade Kit that lets you experience Eagle AXS without replacing your entire drivetrain.

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