Effortless Sync: How to Connect Garmin to Strava for Seamless Activity Tracking

Streamline your fitness tracking experience by linking your Garmin Connect to Strava. Our simple setup guide ensures seamless syncing, eliminating manual data transfers. Enjoy the benefits effortlessly, whether you're a new or existing Garmin user.

Imagine a world where your fitness tracking experience is seamlessly integrated, providing you with comprehensive insights and social interaction. Learning how to connect Garmin to Strava offers just that, transforming your fitness journey into a more engaging and enjoyable experience. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of connecting these two powerful platforms and delve into the benefits they bring together.

Key Takeaways

    • Link Garmin Connect and Strava for comprehensive activity tracking, insights, and access to a supportive fitness community.

    • Setup is simple. Ensure compatibility of your device with the list on Strava’s support website.

    • Use good online security practices such as strong passwords and two factor authentication for account safety.

Introduction: Why connect the two platforms? How did it benefit?

Connecting Garmin Connect and Strava enhances activity tracking, provides comprehensive insights, and connects you to a social fitness community. Strava offers a wealth of features, including in-depth tracking and metrics for various activities, such as running, cycling, and swimming – even extending to sports like rowing. The seamless integration ensures automatic syncing of activities from your Garmin device to your Strava account, making manual data transfer unnecessary and guaranteeing continuous tracking.

Strava also emphasizes social interaction by enabling connections and interactions with other athletes. This adds a social element to your fitness journey and provides a platform for:

    • Sharing accomplishments

    • Connecting with like-minded individuals

    • Joining challenges and competitions

    • Discovering new routes and trails

    • Getting motivation and support from the community

No more isolated workouts – with Garmin and Strava, you’re part of a thriving fitness community.

Initial Setup: Linking Your Garmin Connect Account to Strava

Linking Garmin Connect and Strava is straightforward. In a few simple steps, you’ll have your accounts connected, and your activities synced between the two platforms. Manual data transfers become a thing of the past, welcoming an organized and efficient fitness tracking experience.

Once linked, your Garmin activities will automatically sync to Strava, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of these two platforms in harmony. Now that we’ve covered the basics, we’ll detail the initial setup process for both new and existing users of the Garmin ecosystem.

Starting Fresh: If You’re New to Both Platforms

New users of Garmin Connect and Strava should begin by creating accounts on each platform. To do so, simply visit their respective websites and follow the registration process. Once your accounts are set up, it’s time to link them together.

To link your Garmin Connect and Strava accounts, follow these steps:

    1. Download the Garmin Connect Mobile app on your Bluetooth-enabled Garmin device and create a Garmin Connect account.

    1. Open the Garmin Connect Mobile app and navigate to the More tab.

    1. Tap on Settings and then Connected Apps.

    1. Select Strava and follow the prompts to log in to your Strava account.

    1. Once logged in, your Garmin Connect and Strava accounts will be linked.

Adding Strava to Your Existing Garmin Ecosystem

If you’ve already got a Garmin device and want to integrate Strava into your current setup, the process is just as simple. You can either use the Garmin Connect mobile app or connect your accounts via the Strava website. The main aspect to check is the compatibility between the versions of Strava and Garmin Connect in use.

To monitor Strava segments on your Garmin device, you can follow these steps:

    1. Connect your Strava and Garmin accounts.

    1. Ensure that your Garmin device is compatible with Strava.

    1. Once connected, you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate these powerful fitness platforms.

Syncing Your Activities: How It Works

connecting your Garmin

With your Garmin Connect and Strava accounts linked, we’ll explain the workings of syncing your activities. Activities can be synced automatically or manually, depending on your preferences. Automatic syncing enables continuous workout tracking between the two platforms, keeping your fitness data current and easily accessible.

On the other hand, manual syncing offers greater control over the activities transferred between Garmin Connect and Strava. This can be useful if you have a specific reason for keeping certain activities separate. In the next section, we’ll delve into the details of automatic and manual syncing preferences.

Automatic or Manual: Choosing Your Sync Preferences

Automatic syncing between Garmin Connect and Strava offers a seamless data transfer experience, allowing you to focus on your workouts without the hassle of manually uploading activities. This implies that every activity completed on your Garmin device is auto-transferred to your Strava account, guaranteeing continuous tracking and analysis of your fitness data.

However, if you prefer to have more control over which activities are synced, you can choose manual syncing instead. By disconnecting Garmin Sync from your Strava settings and reconnecting it, you can enable the necessary permissions for syncing activities between the two platforms and select which activities you want to sync. The choice is yours: enjoy the convenience of automatic syncing or the control of manual uploads.

Compatible Devices: Will Your Garmin Work with Strava?

Before initiating Garmin-Strava integration, ensure your Garmin device is compatible with Strava. Compatibility is crucial for a seamless syncing experience and access to Strava’s features on your Garmin device.

A wide range of Garmin devices, like the Vivoactive 3 and any Garmin device supporting LiveTrack with autostart, are compatible with Strava integration. To check if your specific Garmin device is compatible, refer to the list on the Strava support website.

With the compatibility of your new device confirmed, you’re ready to experience seamless fitness tracking.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

trouble shooting a garmin

As with any technology, you may encounter some issues when syncing your Garmin and Strava accounts. Common problems include Bluetooth connectivity issues, missing activities, and syncing issues, even when the accounts are connected. But fear not, we’ve got your back. In this section, we will provide solutions to these common issues to help maintain a smooth and uninterrupted fitness tracking experience.

Whether you’re dealing with syncing delays or data discrepancies, we will equip you with the necessary tools and know-how to troubleshoot and resolve these issues. Let’s dive into some quick fixes and tips for ensuring accurate data transfer.

When Syncing Stalls: Quick Fixes

If you’re experiencing stalled syncing between your Garmin Connect and Strava accounts, there are several potential causes. These could include missing or pending uploads, disconnection between the two platforms, and multiple Strava accounts linked to Garmin Connect.

To troubleshoot syncing stalls, you may try the following:

    1. Disconnect and reconnect the apps.

    1. Reboot your device.

    1. Ensure your Garmin Connect app is updated to the latest version.

    1. Make sure you have a stable internet connection, as weak connections can hinder the syncing process.

Data Discrepancies: Ensuring Accurate Transfer

Data discrepancies between Garmin and Strava can occur, as both platforms use their own filters, algorithms, and processing methods to handle activity data. This can lead to differences in distance, speed, and power readings when comparing the two platforms.

To ensure accurate data transfer, you can double-check the settings in both Garmin Connect and Strava for any syncing options or troubleshooting steps that may be available. By carefully configuring your settings and understanding the differences in data processing between the platforms, you can enjoy a more accurate and consistent fitness tracking experience.

Advanced Settings: Customizing Your Experience

For a personalized Garmin-Strava experience, use the advanced settings available in Garmin Connect to customize your syncing preferences, including the Garmin option. These settings enable you to automatically sync activities, grant permission for courses, and customize activity titles.

Enabling advanced settings can improve your Strava experience by adding more control and customization options for data synchronization. Some of the benefits of enabling advanced settings include:

    • Syncing specific activities

    • Adjusting activity titles

    • Customizing data fields

    • Setting privacy preferences

    • Managing notifications

By utilizing these advanced settings, you can create a personalized fitness tracking experience that suits your needs. Don’t forget to check your account settings to ensure everything is configured correctly, including the proper management of your fit file and hr data.

From Device to Dashboard: Uploading Past Activities

If you have historical activities on your Garmin device that you’d like to upload to Strava, the process is simple and straightforward. You can either connect your Garmin device to your computer and navigate to the ‘Activities’ folder or export files from Garmin Connect and upload them to Strava using the file uploader.

By manually uploading past activities, you can ensure that your entire workout history is available on Strava, giving you a comprehensive view of your fitness journey across both platforms. With your past activities uploaded, you can enjoy a seamless and complete fitness tracking experience.

Keeping Your Accounts Secure

Like any online platform, prioritizing the security of your Garmin Connect and Strava accounts is important. Both platforms offer tips and recommendations for maintaining account security, such as:

    • Adjusting privacy settings

    • Using strong, unique passwords

    • Enabling two-factor authentication

    • Being cautious of phishing attempts

    • Keeping your devices and software up to date

Following these best practices for online security will help protect your accounts and personal information.

When linking your Garmin Connect account to Strava, be sure to:

    • Use strong and unique passwords for both accounts to protect your personal data

    • Regularly update the software on your Garmin device

    • Adhere to online security best practices

Following these steps will help protect your accounts and guarantee a secure fitness tracking experience.

Summary: How to connect Garmin to Strava

Linking your Garmin Connect account to Strava offers several benefits including seamless activity tracking, access to Strava’s vast features, and a social community. By following the instructions outlined in this blog post, you can easily link your accounts, customize your syncing preferences, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Initiating Garmin-Strava integration opens up opportunities for a more engaging and rewarding fitness experience. Comprehensive insights, enhanced features, and a supportive community enable you to elevate your fitness journey to new levels.


In conclusion, connecting your Garmin Connect account to Strava opens up a world of fitness tracking possibilities. With seamless activity syncing, enhanced features, and a supportive community at your fingertips, your fitness journey is bound to reach new heights. Embrace the power of Garmin-Strava integration and start enjoying a more engaging and enjoyable fitness experience today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I import activity into Strava?

Log into Strava.com, click the orange “plus” icon at the top-right of the screen, and select “Upload Activity.” Choose either File from the menu on the right side, browse to the local folder, and select the desired files or one of the other upload options. Then follow the prompts to complete the process.

Why is my activity not showing on Strava?

Try recording a new activity, saving, and uploading that activity to see if it pushes any missing or pending uploads. Make sure you are in an area with good data coverage or, even better, connect via WiFi. Log out and then back into the Strava App, then turn your phone off and on again. If there are still Unsync’d Activities, take another look at your ride.

How do I connect my Garmin heart rate monitor to Strava?

To connect your Garmin heart rate monitor to Strava, download the Garmin Connect Mobile app and link it to your Strava account in Settings > Connected Apps. Alternatively, sign in to Garmin Connect web from a web browser and add a Segments widget. Then select Use Strava Segments and Connect With Strava.

How do I get Strava maps on my Garmin?

To get Strava maps on your Garmin, enable Courses permission from the Account Information page on Garmin Connect website or the More tab in the Garmin Connect mobile app. Then navigate to Settings > Connected Apps > Strava, select Agree and Authorize.

Which Garmin devices are compatible with Strava?

All Garmin Forerunner, Fenix, Vivoactive, and Edge series devices are compatible with Strava.


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